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 When You Join The Global Resorts Network With Best Choice Marketing, We Will Provide You With...



A State-Of-The-Art Marketing System - Only available exclusively through Best Choice Marketing.  We have commissioned a professional grade marketing system complete with high impact marketing pages, contact manager, auto-responder, meeting rooms and a prospect management system.  We custom designed this system for the Global Resorts Network opportunity.  This system will provide you with everything you need to professionally manage your Global Resorts business.



Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Get Started - When you log into our back office, you can click on the "Building Your Team" tab where we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to easily and effortlessly start your business.



Step-By-Step Lead Generation Instructions - Our marketing platform was designed so you can quickly and effortlessly generate your own exclusive leads.  We will show you step-by-step how to target a highly motivated market so you will not have to figure things out for yourself or rely on purchasing garbage leads from lead generation companies.  IMPORTANT: This system was designed to generate leads using our highly duplicable system.



A System That Does All The Selling And Telling For You - When you join any business, making those first few sales is crucial to your success.  We have programmed right into our system a process where you will never have to answer any questions.  We have Master Consultants that will do all of this for you and this is done without you ever having to give up any of your commission.



A Complete Business Plan - We will take all the mystery out of getting started.  When you join Global Resorts Network with Best Choice Marketing, we will provide you with a detailed business plan with step by step instructions on how to get started, how to generate leads, and how to lead people into your marketing system.  We will also provide a full accounting of what it will cost for you to get started along with revenue projections.  We will take all the mystery and guesswork out running your business once and for all.



"Best Choice Marketing Is The Complete Business Solution For Aspiring

Entrepreneurs Who Are Truly Interested In Offering A Business Opportunity

To Their Customers Which Is Easily And Effortlessly Duplicable!"


 Don't Take Our Word For It.  Let Us Prove It To You.

We are so convinced that you will be completely impressed with our marketing system, we are inviting you to participate in a Free No Obligation demonstration showing you exactly how our system works.


First, we will show you how to professionally target a highly motivated market.

Second, we will show you our state-of-the-art marketing platform.

Third, we will show you how to lead your prospects into your system without ever having to answer a single question.

And fourth, we will show you how our Master Consultants will close all your deals for you.   


After having experienced the power of our marketing system, if you are not 100% convinced that our marketing system is everything that we say it is, you can walk away with no questions asked.  So, give us a call today to get started with your Free No Obligation Marketing System Demonstration.


Meet Your Marketing System Experts


Laurie MacIntosh

Phone: (250) 984-4005

Toll Free (866) 732-1632

Skype: GoldKeyMarketing


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Jerry Hellyer

Marketing Consultant

Phone: (317) 849-5759

Toll Free (888) 949-5759



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